Permit Applications

Building Permit Application For any new construction or remodeling of existing buildings
Sign Permit Application For any new signs including temporary signs or changes to existing signs.
Demolition Permit Application For the demolition of any structure or part of any structure.
Temporary Structure Permit Application For temporary structures such as tents or mobile structures as allowed.
Structure Moving Permit Application For moving structures from or through town which require assistance from police or which take up more than one lane of traffic.

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Building Code & Inspection Information

The City of Sevierville, through the Sevierville Municipal Code, Sevierville Zoning Ordinance and the International Building Code, regulates all construction and signage in the City.   Thus, the purpose of this information is to assist architects, contractors, developers, and owners through the plan review, building permit, and inspection processes.


The City of Sevierville has adopted the following codes or standards:


Architectural or engineered drawings will be required in accordance with the Policy on Requirements for Stamped or Sealed Drawings.  A copy of this policy may be obtained from the Department of Code Enforcement.



When stamped or sealed drawings are required, one set of complete plans and one electronic copy must be presented upon application for a building permit.  Depending on the scope of project, all the following information may not be required.  If in doubt, please ask.


A. Commercial/Industrial or Multi-Family Residential:

1. The Sevierville Regional Planning Commission must approve a site plan for these types of projects.  Copies of Development Review Process & Guidelines and Requirements are available at City Hall.

2. One complete copy of construction plans and one electronic copy are required in detail as necessary for adequate review. Plans should include but are not limited to:

3. A sign permit application must be obtained, completed and the permit fee paid before construction and installation of a sign.  A copy of the sign ordinance may be obtained from the Department of Code Enforcement.



The City of Sevierville makes every effort to review and respond to all permit requests in a timely fashion.   However, be aware that all requests must be reviewed for compliance with the zoning ordinances and the building codes and may require review by one or more of the City staff.   The plan review process may take from ten to fourteen working days, depending on the type of structure and nature of the work.


Contractors must be licensed in accordance with the laws of the State of Tennessee.  Contractors are required by State Law to carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance.  Proof of insurance is required prior to issuance of a permit.  Contractors will be checked for proper licensing.


Permit fees are computed based on the value of the projects.  A copy of the permit fee schedule may be obtained from the Department of Code Enforcement.  No work may begin on any project until all fees are paid.


During the construction process various authorities are required to inspect the construction at specific points.

When an inspection is to be performed by a City Inspector, 24-hour advance notice is required to guarantee the inspection at the convenience of the contractor.   Requests for inspection made less than 24-hours in advance cannot be guaranteed for the time requested.  Work may NOT proceed until the proper inspection(s) has been made, and approval given.  Call (865) 453-5504 to request inspections. 

A. Required Building Inspections:

The Building Inspector upon notification from the permit holder or his agent shall make the following inspections of buildings and such other inspections as may be necessary, and shall approve that portion of the construction as completed or shall notify the permit holder or his agent of any violation of the adopted Codes.

B. Required Plumbing Inspections:

The following inspections will be required at different stages of installation.  Tests will be required at each stage of installation.

C. Required Signage Inspection:

The Code Enforcement Officer or Building Inspector, upon notification from the permit holder or his agent shall inspect the signage for compliance with the approved Site Plan and Sevierville Sign Ordinance.


If you should have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the Department of Code Enforcement at (865) 453-5504, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. or write City of Sevierville,  P. O. Box 5500, Sevierville, Tennessee  37864-5500 or FAX (865)453-5518.

This is an information guide only and is designed for use by the building industry, developers and property owners.   This guide may or may not include all requirements of the City of Sevierville, the State of Tennessee, or the United States Government as it relates to the development of a project or to the construction of a building.

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Building & Development Information

The following reference is intended as a guide to aid contractors, developers and property owners in obtaining approvals and permits for projects being planned within the City of Sevierville.

Site Plan Approval

The Sevierville Regional Planning Commission must approve any proposed commercial, industrial, multi-family, planned unit or public building development within the City of Sevierville.  A registered professional in the State of Tennessee must prepare the site plan.  Five (5) copies of the site plan must be submitted to planning staff, no less than twenty (20) days prior to the next scheduled Planning Commission meeting.  Planning Commission meetings are regularly scheduled for the first Thursday of each month.  Contact City Planning Staff for meeting times and a copy of the Development Review Process and Guidelines.


The Department of Code Enforcement reviews and approves building plans, issues permits and provides inspection services.  All new and remodeling construction requires a building permit.  Plans must be submitted in accordance with the Policy on Requirements for Stamped or Sealed Drawings.  Plans will be reviewed and corrected, with one (1) corrected set of plans returned to the applicant when the permit is picked up and fees paid.  This process usually takes ten (10) to fourteen (14) working days.  In addition to building permits, the Dept. of Code Enforcement issues the following permits: Sign Permits;  Structure Moving Permits; Demolition Permits and Temporary Structure Permits.  Contact the Dept. of Code Enforcement Staff for more information or permit applications.

Water and Sewer

The Department of Water and Sewer must be contacted and tap fees paid prior to any connections to the water or sewer systems.  Contact the Department of Water and Sewer for more information, availability of service and for fees associated with taps.  Sevierville City Hall, Sevierville, TN 37862  (865) 453-5504.

If public water and/or sewer are not available, contact Sevier County Health Department for permits and inspection on private systems.  Sevier County Health Dept. (Environmental Services), 227 Cedar Stree, Sevierville, TN 37862  (865) 429-1766

Natural Gas

Sevier County Utility District (SCUD) must be contacted if natural gas service is desired.  SCUD provides inspection services for piping and equipment installation.  For additional information and fees for connection to the service contact SCUD.  Sevier County Utility District, 420 Robert Henderson Rd., Sevierville, TN 37862  (865) 453-3272.

Electrical Permits

Sevier County Electric System (SCES) must be contacted for electrical service.  SCES provides engineering and inspections for service lines.  The State of Tennessee requires permits and provides inspections for the building services.  Contact SCES for more information.  Sevier County Electric System, 315 E. Main St., Sevierville, TN 37862 (865) 453-2287.

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