Finance Department

The Finance Department is your point of entry to City Hall. The receptionist and front office staff will work hard to make your experience with the City fast, efficient and pleasant!

The Finance Department is responsible for utility billing and collection, personal and business tax collection, licensing and permit payments, issuance of beer permits,  and other receivables.

Behind the scenes, the Finance Department is responsible for accounts payable, purchasing administration, budget development, asset inventory, maintaining City archives and overseeing all aspects of City finances.   

Budget Fiscal Year 2015
City of Sevierville CAFR for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2014
Debt Management Policy
PBA Annual Financial Report - June 2013
PBA Annual Financial Report June 2013 (2)
Sevierville/Sevier County Joint Venture Annual Financial Report FYE2013



Licensing & Permits


Taxes serve three primary functions: generating revenue to finance government goods and services; redistributing income; and controlling demand for services. The City of Sevierville finance department is responsible for accepting and receipting revenue for the following taxes:

Property Tax – Property tax is a tax on certain kinds of wealth: real and personal property. The tax rate is applied to an assessment of the value of the taxable property. The assessed value ideally reflects a percentage of the actual value of the property involved. City property taxes are billed out for payment on October 1st and can be paid anytime thereafter, but no later than February 28th of the next calendar year. The current city tax rate is .31 cents per one hundred dollars of assessed value. Any adjustments to  assessments must be made by the County tax assessor, whose office is located at the Sevier County Court House, 125 Court Avenue, Sevierville, TN 37862 (865) 453-3242.

Business Tax – The City of Sevierville is authorized to collect a tax on the privilege of conducting a business within the city limits. Any business owner subject to the tax must register with the city, pay the appropriate fee and obtain a business license. Businesses are divided into one of four classes. The rate of retail and/or wholesale tax and the renewal date for each business holding a license will depend upon its classification.

Lodging Tax – The City receives a monthly lodging tax. This tax is 2% of the monthly net taxable proceeds from any hotel, motel, cabin, etc., or that which is occupied by transients for a period of less than 30 days within the Sevierville City limits.

Beer Tax – Beer Privilege Tax comes from every person, firm, corporation, joint stock company, syndicate or association in the City of Sevierville who stores, sells, distributes or manufactures beer. This is a $100 annual tax, due no later than January 31 each year. Beer Wholesalers Tax is paid by the beer distributors, and equals 5% of total amounts sold to each retailer, and is paid to the City monthly.

Sales Tax – Sales tax in the City of Sevierville is 9.75% on the dollar. The revenue is broken down and disbursed as follows:

            7% to the State of Tennessee
            1.50% to the Sevier County School System
            1.25% to City of Sevierville

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Licensing & Permits

The Finance Department issues City of Sevierville business licenses, beer permits, and receipts revenue for sign and building permits. Please click on the appropriate link for more information.

Business License
Transient Vendor Business License
Beer Permit

Business License - The City of Sevierville is authorized to collect a tax on the privilege of conducting a business within the city limits.  Every business owner must complete an application and pay the $15 fee to obtain a business license.  Applications are available in our office, on this website or on the State of Tennessee website at .  A separate county license must be obtained at the Sevier County Court Clerk at (865) 453-5502 or at .

For a city business license, the application and fee of $15 must be received by the finance department no later than 20 day after commencement of a business.  In addition, a business license must be closed out with the State of Tennessee within 15 days after the closing of a business.  Extra penalty and interest will accrue upon the opening or closing of a business license, if not recorded in the timeline specified.

The business owner must be able to provide a state sales tax number or a tax ID number.  Businesses are divided into one of four classes, depending upon what services or goods the business provides.  The rate of retail and/or wholesale tax and the renewal date for each business holding a city license will depend upon the class in which they are placed, and range from 1/10 to 1/40 of 1% of taxable sales.

The business owner will pay to the State of Tennessee the gross receipts tax at the end of the license period, and a new license will be issued. A penalty of 5% per month is assessed on the total amount due for any payment that is not made before the delinquent date, up to a maximum of 25% of the original gross tax due. Any business engaged in one of the four classifications will have a minimum tax of $22 yearly.

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Business License Application

Transient Vendor Business License - “Transient Vendor” refers to any person who temporarily brings merchandise into the city limits for the purpose of selling to the public. Transient vendors shall pay a tax of fifty-five dollars ($50.00 plus a $5.00 recording fee) to the City of Sevierville for each fourteen- day period in which they will be offering merchandise for sale to the public. As with the regular business license, a transient vendor’s license is also required by the county, which can be obtained from the County Clerk at the Sevier County Court House (865) 453-5502.

The same application that is used for the regular business license is also used for acquiring a transient vendors license, and can be obtained from City Hall, or downloaded from this web site.

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Transient Vendor Business License Application

Beer Permit - Persons wishing to sell, store for sale, distribute for sale, or manufacture beer within the city must obtain a permit from the City Beer Board. This process starts by obtaining an application for a beer permit and a copy of the City Beer Ordinance from the City Recorder’s office.

This application must be filled out, notarized, and then returned to the City Recorder’s office with payment of a $500 application fee. Prior to fee payment, an applicant should review the various requirements related to the sale of beer. The application, a background check, and verification of requirements outlined in the beer ordinance are compiled by the City Recorder, who schedules a meeting of the Beer Board.

Due to processing and public notice requirements, beer permit applications must be received by the third Friday of the month for consideration during the following month. Beer Board meetings are generally called on the second Tuesday of the month.

The Beer Board considers the application and either grants or refuses a permit according to compliance with the City Beer Ordinance. Compliance issues include:

Active permit holders are subject to an annual $100 privilege tax, prorated for the first year and payable in January of each subsequent year.   

Beer Application Packet   
Beer Ordinance

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