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Sevierville Police Department Hiring Process

Click here for a printable .pdf job application.

You may send a resume or pick up an application at: 

Sevierville Police Department

300 Gary R. Wade

Sevierville, TN 37862

Or you may contact Lou Webb at

A job description will accompany any application sent or handed out.   The successful candidate must be able to meet all of the required skills and abilities. 

Testing Date

The testing date, time and any additional information will be published in the Mountain Press and other forms of media.  We only accept or test those individuals who have a current application or resume on file (a current application is one that has been submitted within six months of the testing date).  An application should be submitted or updated each six months to be eligible to take the exam and begin the process.  From the date of testing, the process should be completed within six months.   

Initial Examinations 

Written exam - A standardized written examination will be administered to each person who attends.

Physical agility examination - (not applicable to civilian positions) The physical agility examination is a total distance run of 425 yards which includes: Hurdle (1) 2.0 ft. barrier, Hurdle (1) 4.0 ft. barrier, hurdle (1) 8.0 ft. barrier, jump one (4) ft ditch, crawl through (1) 3x12 ft. metal culvert, negotiate four barrels, cross (1) 20 ft. pole, move (1) 165 lb. rescue dummy 36 ft., traverse 20 tires and finish under the allotted time. 

These two events will take place on the same day. 

Assessment Center

The top candidates who successfully pass the written examination and physical agility test will be notified and asked to return and participate in an assessment center. 

Assessment Center Testing

The assessment center portion of the hiring process will consist of several elements designed to test the applicant’s law enforcement related abilities, such as tactical scenarios and exercises.

Management Interview and File Review

The top candidate(s) chosen from the assessment center will be asked to return for an oral interview with the Chief of Police. 

Background Investigation

A thorough background investigation will be initiated on all candidate(s) who have successfully completes all of the above steps.  Sensitive and confidential aspects of applicant’s personal lives may be explored.

Offer of Employment

Each person to be hired will be asked to sign a Conditional Offer of Employment Agreement.

Physicians Examination

Each employee must pass a physical examination and a drug screen.

Psychological Examination

Each employee must take and pass a psychological examination as mandated by the P.O.S.T. Commission (DSMIII).

Basic Police Recruit School

All police officers must complete and pass an approved (8) eight week, Basic police recruit school within one year of employment.

N.C.I.C. School and N.C.I Training

All dispatchers must complete this required training to be certified to dispatch.

Field Training Program

Upon returning from Basic Police Recruit School, an officer must pass and complete the sixteen week Sevierville Police Department Field Training Program.  Each phase of this training regimen is evaluated and graded by the Field Training Officers.  After completion of this phase, the officer is closely supervised until he/she completes the required one-year probationary period.

Dispatch Training Program

Each dispatcher must complete a six week Dispatch Training Program.

Probationary Period

One year from date of hire for police officers and six months for dispatch and records positions.  This time is used to train and evaluate the candidate and to determine if they are suited for law enforcement.  They must also be able to work with others and get along with the public.  This is very important.  Once the candidate passes those milestones, he/she should enjoy a long and rewarding career with the Sevierville Police Department. 

Residency Requirements

The successful candidate must reside inside Sevier County within one-year of employment.

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Sevierville Police Department Application Process

The selection process utilized by the City of Sevierville Police Department is thorough to ensure the best qualified candidates are selected. The following are the components of the selection process which must be completed by every applicant, or time which may be required to be completed by the department.  Not all components are applicable to every position.  The approximate amount of time required for each segment is also indicated.

Filling out a City of Sevierville Application

1 hour 

Written Examination

2 hours 

Physical Agility Test

1 hour 

Assessment Center Testing

8 hours 

Background Investigation

30-45 hours 

Medical Examination

2 hours 

Drug Screening

1 hour

Psychological Screening

2 hours

Chief's Interview

1 hour

The entire process may take a minimum of 4 weeks to a maximum of 6 weeks depending on an applicants background, number of applicants in the process, number of test slots, etc. All applicants are notified in writing of all scheduled procedures and examinations.

Candidates can discuss their denial of employment at any time by making an appointment with the Chief of Police. To make appointment, call (865) 453 5506. 

For an application call (865) 868-1762 or write to the following address:

Sevierville Police Department
300 Gary R. Wade Blvd.
Sevierville, TN 37862

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Re-Application Process

All applicants not chosen for a position may reapply for future vacancies.  Each applicant will be notified of his or her standing in the process as it progresses to the next step.  Final applicants will be notified in writing of their final standing in the selection process within 30 days of the selection of an applicant to fill the position.

Thank you for your interest in our department.  We hope this information is helpful and that you will choose the Sevierville Police Department for your law enforcement career.  Any questions, please contact Chief Don Myers at (865) 453-5506.

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