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City Hall   865.453.5504              
Public Works   865.429.4567              
Parks and Recreation   865.453.5441              
Police Department   865.453.5506              
Fire Department   865.453.9276              
Sevierville Golf Course   865.429.4223              
Sevierville Water Systems   865.453.5522              
Sewer Inspections 865.453.1736
City Information   865.453.7276              
Sevierville Convention Center   865.453.0001              
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Driving Directions

Coming south on Winfield Dunn Parkway/TN-66 toward TN-448/N Parkway, turn LEFT on W. Main St/US-411/TN-35.  Travel 0.5 miles, then turn RIGHT onto Gary Wade Blvd.  End at 120 Gary Wade Blvd. 


General Information

Animal Control (Sevierville) 865.453.5506
Board of Education (Sevier County) 865.453.4671
Car Tag registration & renewal 865.453.5502
City of Gatlinburg 865.436.1400
City of Pigeon Forge 865.453.9061
Court House (Sevier County) 865.453.6136
Fun Time Trolley 865.453.6444
Marriage Licenses 865.453.5502
Probation (Sevier County) 865.429-0274
Road Superintendent (Sevier County) 865.453.3452
School Bus Garage 865.453.3568
Sevier County Electric System 865.453.2887
Sevier County Utility District 865.453.3272
Sevier Solid Waste 865.428.0042