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Electrical Hazards

Electricity helps make our lives easier but there are times when we can take its power and its potential for fire-related hazards for granted. Between 2006 and 2014 in Tennessee, electrical distribution accounted for 3.0% of all structure fires and 8.8% of all structure fire deaths. The dangers of electrical hazards are always present and common hazards include overloaded electrical outlets, arcing, and extension cords. 

NFPA Messaging:

11.1.10 Check electrical cords often. Replace cracked, damaged, and loose electrical or extension cords. Do not try to repair them.
11.1.11 Avoid putting cords where they can be damaged or pinched by furniture, under rugs and carpets, or across doorways.
11.1.13 Extension cords are for temporary use only. Have a qualified electrician determine if additional circuits or wall outlets are needed.
11.1.14 Replace wall outlets if plugs do not fit snugly or the wall outlet does not accept plugs with one blade larger than the other.

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