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About the Planning Process


  • Staff will compile all the assessment information, Consultant reports, budget estimates, SWOT analysis, and Visions into a cohesive document.
  • Development Staff will work with the P&R staff to develop concrete objectives and tasks to accomplish the vision.
  • This information will be incorporated into the compilation and a report presented to the P&R committee at the meeting in December.
  • It will then work its way through the approval process from there.
Monitor and Review
  • Annual work plans will be prepared that accomplish the plan
  • Evaluations of the work plan will be conducted annually to determine if progress is being made and if the direction is still on track
  • Customer Surveys and usage evaluations will be conducted as part of the work plan evaluation.

Flow Chart

Planning tasks are designated in orange, meetings are brown and customer interactions are peach. Our planning timeline extends into February 2018.


Trails, Trees & Beautification Vision

  • Utilize rivers for future greenway growth.
  • Continue to account for greeway space when building roads and aquiring right of ways.
  • Look for an opportunity to build walking trails near Walters State Community College.

Staff note: Because the most viable funding source for future Greenway/Trail Development is through TDOT Enhancement/Alternative Transportation Grants and private sector partnerships; future Greenway Planning and Management should become a standalone Staff Responsibility shared by several departments utilizing all available resources to maximize any opportunities as it affects Sevierville’s future Recreation, Transportation and Economic Development.


After the SWOT, P&R Committee along with staff should participate in a Visioning program where they decide what they want the P&R program to look like with the city.