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Hospitality Tax

What sales are exempt from the lodging tax?

Any lodging stays booked for more than 30 days at one time; any overnights sales which are purchased by those organizations having a valid certificate of exemption by the Tennessee Department of Reven... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What sales are subject to the lodging tax?

Lodging entities (hotels, inns, resorts, cabins, motels, campgrounds, tourist camps, etc.) located within the city limits which provide overnight occupancy to persons or transients for accommodations ... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What sales are exempt from the amusement tax?

Play on coin operated machines of skill or chance are exempt from the provisions of this tax, as well as charitable organizations, educational institutions, or religious organizations. For a more deta... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What sales are subject to the amusement tax?

The amusement tax should be collected by any theater, athletic contest, exhibition, show, production, performance, concert, recital, circus, carnival, act, exhibit, lecture, nightclub, dance, restaura... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What sales are exempt from the restaurant tax?

Restaurant Privilege Tax Section 5-904 Exemptions- The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to food prepared to be served at churches, schools, senior citizens centers, or nursing homes, and at ... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What sales are subject to the restaurant tax?

All prepared food and non-alcoholic beverages.... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What is considered prepared food?

Prepared food includes ready to eat food or beverage items, whether for consumption on-premises or off-premises, including but not limited to restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, caterers, delicatessens, s... read more..

Hospitality Tax

Do convenient stores pay the restaurant taxes?

Convenience stores and gas stations are to charge and remit this 2% tax if they are serving any type of “prepared” food to their consumers. Prepared food” includes any of the followi... read more..

Hospitality Tax

Which business types are required to collect and remit this money to the city?

The restaurant tax should be collected by any establishment selling prepared food in the City of Sevierville, whether for consumption on-premises or off-premises. The amusement tax should be collected... read more..

Hospitality Tax

How will this tax be remitted to the City of Sevierville?

Effective with your July 2013 return, all restaurant, amusement and lodging taxes should be filed online at After certifying that all figures are true and correct, pay online or... read more..

Hospitality Tax

Is this tax applicable to wholesale food distributors, who have no direct customer consumption on-site?

No. This tax should not be charged to food wholesalers, who do not provide onsite consumption at their factories or warehouses. Please be prepared to provide a wholesalers tax ID number should you be ... read more..

Hospitality Tax

Will the City be contacting me to let me know how much I owe in taxes?

No. Hospitality taxes are based on your business’s monthly taxable revenue, which is then calculated at a 2% tax rate for Amusement and Restaurant and 3% for Lodging, to be remitted directly to t... read more..

Hospitality Tax

Where can I find information regarding the tax?

A copy of each law is available online at These documents are on the home page and titled as follows: · Sevierville  pdf Amusement Tax (187 KB) &middo... read more..

Hospitality Tax

Can I pay the taxes via mail or at City Hall, or do I have to use the online process?

All restaurant, amusement and lodging taxes must be filed online. Please complete your filing process online, print a copy for your records, and a copy to remit with your payment directly to City Hall... read more..

Hospitality Tax

Does it matter how a business shows the tax to the consumers, for receipting purposes?

State sales tax for the City of Sevierville is currently 9.75%, and should be listed as such on all receipts. The hospitality tax should be listed as a separate line item, such as “amusement tax” or “... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What will the tax revenue be used for?

These taxes will be allocated towards tourism advertising and tourism-related infrastructure expenditures.... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What is hospitality tax?

Tourism is the main economic driver for Sevierville and Sevier County. For many years, the City of Sevierville has strived to increase tourism investment. In order to effectively grow this vitally imp... read more..

Board of Zoning Appeals

Board of Zoning Appeals

This board has the power to hear appeals of decisions and interpretations to the Sevierville Zoning Ordinance adopted by the City. (Any person may appeal a decision of any staff member of the city’s i... read more..

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