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March 2018

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SFD News

New Fire Department Headquarters Construction Update

Posted 03-27-18 Despite above average rainfall this winter, construction of Sevierville’s new Main Fire Station continues to move forward. Although contractors were forced to excavate saturated soils... read more..

Fire Prevention

Security Bars

Security bars are a common method of household protection against burglary, but are dangerous for residents when it comes to egress from a fire. If a fire breaks out in a home, security bars without q... read more..

Fire Prevention

Wildfire Preparedness

Tennessee residents often choose to make their homes in woodland settings – in or near forests, rural areas, or remote mountain sites. There, homeowners enjoy the beauty of the environment, but also f... read more..

Fire Prevention

Hydrogen Cyanide & Toxic Gases

While there is inherent danger from the flames and high heat from fire, smoke inhalation is usually the cause of death in many residential fire fatalities. A byproduct of combustion, smoke is usually ... read more..

Fire Prevention

Outdoor Burning

Outdoor burning is common in Tennessee, particularly in the spring time. Home owners often burn debris and brush on their property during the spring, which can lead to an increase in uncontrolled burn... read more..

SFD News

Kidde Recalls Two Smoke Alarm Models

Posted 03-23-18. Kidde recently issued a recall on two smoke alarm models. The recall currently is for PI2010 and PI9010 dual sensor smoke alarms. If you have a smoke alarm that was installed by the... read more..

SFD News

Sevierville Fire Department Fire Inspection Services

Posted 03-23-18. Perhaps the most important task that the Sevierville Fire Department performs throughout the year is fire prevention. One aspect of fire prevention is inspection of commercial and pu... read more..

Fire Prevention

Home Escape Planning/Close the Door

  Overview: While the two most important things to remember in the event of a fire are to get out of the building and call 9-1-1, fire officials point out that simply closing doors behind you on read more..

Fire Prevention

Medical Oxygen and Fire

Overview: Portable medical oxygen in the home has grown over the past decade. Medical oxygen adds a higher percentage of oxygen to the air a patient uses to breathe. Fire needs oxygen to burn. If a fi... read more..

Fire Prevention

Get Out, Stay Out

Overview: The safest option for anyone inside a building that is on fire is to get out immediately and call 9-1-1. It is also very important to stay out once you get out. Too many times, responding fi... read more..

Fire Prevention

Smoke Alarms: Change your Clock, Change your Battery/9 volt battery safety

Overview: The State Fire Marshal’s Office wants all Tennesseans to have working smoke alarms in their homes. Through the “Get Alarmed” program, the TSFMO aims to supply local fire departments wit... read more..

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