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Section III - Schedules/Homerun Rules

  1. Rained out games will be made up, if necessary and as schedule allows, as determined by the Recreation Supervisor. Games will be made up at the end of the regular season continuing on Tuesdays and Thursdays until all make-ups have been played, if schedule allows.
  2. All games will be scheduled for seven innings, but if one team has a 20 run lead at the end of three innings, a 15 run lead after 4 innings, or a 10 run lead after five innings the game will be stopped and the team having the lead will be declared the winner. This rule would apply to the 6th inning as well.
  3. A grace period of 15 minutes will be added to the starting time if a team is late: the game will be forfeited after the 15 minute grace period has been used. This will apply to the first game only. The grace period is part of your time limit.
  4. Home run rule – 4 for each team and then 1 up the remainder of the game, unless bottom of last inning then team can only match.                      
  5. A team will be allowed to start the game with 9 players. When a team is playing with nine players, their batting line up will still have 10 players with an out being recorded every time the vacant player’s batting position comes up. No team can start with less than nine players. If a team is playing with nine players and one player has to leave for any reason that team will forfeit the game. (EVEN IF IT IS AN INJURY) IF A TEAM USING ITS GRACE PERIOD HAS 9 PLAYERS, IT MUST START IMMEDIATELY.
  6. Teams may pick up one (1) player per game. The team may pick up from 8 players to get 9. NO pickups from 9 to 10. 9 to 10 is only permitted in regards to picking up the 5th woman to complete the lineup. In addition, there must an equal amount of women to men on the field and in the batting lineup. There may be more women than men but in no case can there be more men than women.
  7. A team may forfeit one (1) game without penalty. A team’s second forfeit shall result in a twenty dollar ($20) fine due prior to their next game to return to the league. A team forfeiting a third game shall forfeit the remainder of the team’s games for that season. NO MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED.
  8. To determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in league play the following rules will apply:
    1. Head to Head record
    2. Run Differential in head to head games
    3. Record against highest seeded team
  9. Practices will be limited to one hour. If there are to be practices when the fields are too wet, practice will be cancelled. Anyone practicing on fields that are too wet will lose their practice privileges. A practice schedule will be posted on the board. Please be off the field when your time is up. If you are taking batting practice during your hour, please help us by hitting in front or to the side of the batters boxes. This will help not to create holes in the boxes.  
  10. No new inning in a game can start after one hour and ten minutes. This applies to all adult men and co-ed league games. This rule will include league tournament play (excluding the championship game only).
  11. Teams that have emergency personnel participating in league play (doctors, firemen, police, rescue squad, etc.) the following rules apply: If the game is in the 5th inning or later and a player has to leave for an emergency the game is complete. If the game is in the in the 4th inning or earlier and a player has to leave for an emergency the game will be played over if time and the schedule permits.

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