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Sevierville Completes New Greenway Wayfinding Program

Posted 09-15-22.

The City of Sevierville Department of Parks and Recreation has completed installation of new wayfinding signs on the City’s extensive greenway system. The new wayfinding signs have been placed throughout the twelve miles of greenway and are designed to match other signs in the new City-wide wayfinding program.

The City now has new wayfinding signs for welcoming at the City limits, the municipal campus, historic landmarks, and the greenway system, providing citizens and visitors consistent signage whether they are driving, walking, running, or riding a bicycle in Sevierville.

There are two types of greenway wayfinding signs; ten signs are located along major roadways designating greenway locations, and numerous signs on greenway trails provide greenway names and distances to various points throughout the greenway system.

Sevierville’s first greenway opened in 1998 and the City now has twelve miles of developed greenways located along rivers, within parks and parallel to major roads. The Sevierville Parks and Recreation master plan recommends continued development of greenways with the goal of increased connectivity throughout the City.