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Highlands Course

The Highlands Course at the Sevierville Golf Club is a par 70  course that winds through
lush rolling hills and fresh water mountain ponds.


Highlands Course Map  Score Card

Highlands 600

Hole #1


Highlands 1 360

Highlands 1 190

This 517-yard par 5 starts off with a wide, welcoming fairway that begins to tightly wind its way between a large fairway bunker on the right and a pond running up the entire left side.  A tee shot placed just left of the bunkers is ideal.  The bunker just short of the green will play a determining factor when you decide to go for it, or safely layup.  The best place for a layup would be just short or right of the green in the collection area.  Be sure to keep in mind that this green could be a difference of three club lengths depending on hole location.

Hole #2


Highlands 1 360

Highlands 2 190

A well hit drive out to the 150-yard marker is the safest way to play this tee shot.  If you have the bravery to cut off some distance, the pond along the left side will welcome you.  This green is guarded by bunkers short and long of the green.  Although the green is large, a well hit shot will leave you with a chance at birdie.

Hole #3


Highlands 3 360

Highlands 3 190

The view from the tee can be deceiving on this hole as the pond on the right is strategically placed to cut back in around the landing area of most drives.  A great target is the 150-yard marker left of the tree on the right side.  Anything hit at the tree could place you in the water hazard.  From the fairway this hole provides one of the more probable chances at birdie.  Avoid the bunker short right and you may find yourself writing a four on your scorecard.

Hole #4


Highlands 4 360

Highlands 4 190

Tee shot placement is crucial on this hole as a couple of hazards are placed to the left side and cannot be seen from the tee.  Any shot favoring the right side of the fairway will leave yo in great position to attack the flagstick.

Hole #5


Highlands 5 360

Highlands 5 190

This short par 4 will test your confidence off the tee with water right and bunkers left.  Most players will aim at the bunkers with a club that will keep them short of the sand.  From the fairway take dead aim at the flagstick where a birdie may be awaiting you.

Hole #6


 Highlands 6 360

Highlands 6 190

The first of six par 3’s on the Highlands Course, this one measures 204 yards from the back tee.  A small pond guards the front left side of the green which spans 96 feet from left to right.  Hitting the correct portion of this green is crucial as there is a large slope separating the left and right portions of this green.

Hole #7


 Highlands 7 360

Highlands 7 190

This dogleg left par 4 starts with an elevated tee shot to a fairway that can be shortened by an aggressive blind shot over the trees on the left, but be cautious of the out of bounds that is also located on that side.  Water on the right can also come into play with an errant tee shot.

Hole #8


 Highlands 8 360

Highlands 8 190 

Another challenging par 3, this hole plays 201 yards from the back tee.  With an elevated green and slopes running to collection areas on both sides, it is important to find the green.  Keep in mind that this green has two tiers, sloping dramatically from back to front.

Hole #9


 Highlands 9 360

Highlands 9 190

Finishing the front nine, this 537-yard par 5 is a dogleg right.  A blind tee shot from the back tee should be placed just left of the trees on the right side of the fairway.  The further you aim the shot to the right, the more of a risk you will have of going out of bounds.  A fairway bunker along the left side provides an optical illusion on your approach shot as it seems as if it is located just short of the green, when it is actually 20 yards before it.

Hole #10


 Highlands 10 360

Highlands 10 190

A tight par 4 demanding a tee shot that needs to stay in between the creek on the right and the fairway bunkers on the left.  This green has a bunker guarding the front middle, although if you hit the fairway a short-iron will allow you to take aim at the flagstick.

Hole #11


 Highlands 11 360

Highlands 11 190

This par 3 playing 159 yards from the back tee has one of the largest greens on either course with 90 feet of space from left to right.  A bunker guards the back right of the green so it is important to play an extra club.  The front of the green slopes drastically towards the creek that crosses just in front of the green.

Hole #12


 Highlands 12 360

Highlands 12 190

Tee shot placement is important on this hole as you must hit the ball far enough down the fairway to have clear sight of the green.  A hazard wraps around the right side of the dogleg right par 4.  Trees and tall grass provide obstacles for balls that waiver left.  The willow tree is a great target to take aim at off the tee.

Hole #13


 Highlands 13 360

Highlands 13 190

This signature par 3 provides one of the more beautiful views on the golf course, with its elevated tee to a green that is guarded by a creek wrapping around the entire green.  A large bunker protects the front of the green and is a common landing area for miss hits.

Hole #14


 Highlands 14 360

Highlands 14 190

This fairway that has small moguls down both sides of the fairway that push slightly miss-directed tee shots back to the middle.  Trouble off of this tee can be found outside of those moguls with water hazards right and left.  Another water hazard must be carried on the approach shot and can be reached off the tee by long hitters.  From the fairway keep in mind that this green is very undulated from back to front as well as left to right.

Hole #15


 Highlands 15 360

Highlands 15 190

A solid tee shot toward the 150-yard marker will leave you the easiest approach.  Although this short par 4 allows for a short-iron approach shot, a large hill will block your sight of the green.  It is important to note that a significant slope separates the back left portion from the rest of the green.

Hole #16


 Highlands 16 360

Highlands 16 190

This par 3 provides what some would argue as the most difficult shot on the course.  Playing at 226 yards from the back tee, a creek runs the entire length of the hole, starting just left of the green before crossing over in front of the green and wrapping around the right side of the hole.  The best bail out on this hole would be just left as there is a bunker long and most shots hit right of the green find the water hazard.

Hole #17


 Highlands 17 360

Highlands 17 190

Playing 523 yards from the back tee, this par 5 turns into a risk reward hole once you hit the fairway.  This hole has a hazard running up both sides of the hole, which makes your second shot a challenge as it will be blind from the fairway.  The most common layup is one to an area just to the left of the 150-yard marker.  The green, although a sliver of one, has a collection area for shots missed just to the left.  A hazard is in play for any shots to the right of the green.

Hole #18


 Highlands 18 360

Highlands 18 190

The final hole happens to be the last and shortest par 3 on this course playing just 150 yards from the back tee.  The challenge on this hole is the green spanning over 100 feet from back to front with multiple tiers, which could result in a difference of three clubs depending on hole location.  Hitting the correct tier of this green is crucial.

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