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Temporary Community Center Pool Closure

Posted 12-13-17

The Sevierville Community Center Blalock Natatorium/Pool will be closed for maintenance beginning Monday, December 26 and is scheduled to reopen on a regular schedule on Friday, December 29.

The Parks and Recreation Department will be replacing pool filters during this period.

New Four-Way Stop on Middle Creek Road

Posted 12-13-17

Please note: previous information released stated that the new four-way stop would be in effect beginning Wednesday, December 13. However, forecasted weather conditions make it more advantageous to install stop bars at the intersection Thursday morning.

On December 14, drivers passing through the Middle Creek Road/Ernest McMahan Road/Fox Meadows Blvd. intersection will stop and take notice-literally-of a new four-way stop. City staff have studied this intersection, looking for ways to make it more efficient and safe.

A recent independent warrant analysis by our consultant traffic engineering firm recommended the best approach would be to install a four-way stop. Installation of traffic signals was also considered, however the analysis showed that traffic volumes were too low to justify that option. The four-way stop is expected to improve traffic flow and safety.

As Winter Weather Approaches, Sevierville Has a Plan

Posted 12-05-17

Whenever weather forecasts indicate the possibility of a snow or ice event, the Sevierville Public Works Department staff is ready to do their best to keep your City roads clear and usable.

To complete this often arduous task, the City has a winter weather plan in place and ready for activation when needed.

Pretreatment of roadways with salt brine.
When conditions are favorable prior to a forecasted snow/ice event, salt brine is often used to pretreat roadways. Salt brine is a liquefied mixture of salt and water. The City uses several trucks outfitted with large tanks (500 or 1,500 gallons) to spread the salt brine before the snow and/or ice is falling. The salt brine will dry and adhere to the road surface and generate heat during the event to help melt the snow/ice before it can accumulate during the early part of the snowfall.

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Traffic Alert – Santa Hustle Road Race

Posted 12-04-17

The City of Sevierville is issuing a traffic alert for the downtown area effective Sunday morning, December 10, 2017.

The Santa Hustle road race is scheduled to start at 7:30AM, leaving from the Wilderness Resort on Old Knoxville Highway. The route will go into Pigeon Forge and affect the following roads.
• Old Knoxville Highway between the Wilderness Resort and Gists Creek Road.
• Gists Creek Road between Old Knoxville Highway and Highway 66.
• Highway 66 southbound (right travel lane closed) between Gists Creek Road and Main Street.
• Forks of the River Parkway southbound (right travel lane closed) from Main Street to the Parkway.
• The Parkway southbound (right travel lane closed) from Forks of the River Parkway to the Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge.

Between 5:00AM-5:30AM, traffic cones and barricades will be erected and should be removed by 11:30AM. Traffic will be maintained on all of these roads however delays will occur to provide for the safety of the race participants.

SPD Increases Impaired Driving Enforcement During Holiday Season

Posted 12-04-17

The Sevierville Police Department is partnering with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office to increase impaired-driving enforcement from December 13 - 31, surrounding the holiday season. The THSO’s statewide Booze It and Lose It campaign is part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over nationwide mobilization.

SPD officers will be concentrating on DUI enforcement and conduct enhanced patrols during this period.

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Traffic Alert: Christmas Parade

Posted 11-29-17

The City of Sevierville is issuing a traffic alert for the downtown area effective Saturday, December 2, 2017.

Sevierville’s annual Christmas Parade is scheduled to start at 11:00AM, leaving from First Baptist Church onto northbound Forks of the River Parkway. Portions of the following roads will be temporarily closed at approximately 9:30AM to facilitate the parade:
• South Honey Lane.
• Forks of the River Parkway northbound lanes.
• Main Street eastbound lanes between Forks of the River Parkway and Court Avenue. NOTE: After the start of the Christmas Parade all eastbound traffic will be prohibited from SR 66 to Court Avenue. Vehicles traveling southbound on SR 66 toward north US 411/Main Street/Dolly Parton Parkway should do so via SR 448/ North Parkway.
• Court Avenue between Main Street and the Parkway.

The parade generally lasts approximately one hour. Motorists should consider avoiding this area from 9:30AM-1:00PM as considerable delays may occur.

Information on Vehicle Burglary and Theft Prevention

Postd 11-27-17

The Sevierville Police Department (SPD) investigates many car break-ins and purse thefts each year. Often these crimes of opportunity could have been prevented by sound security practices. Besides the loss of personal property, victims may also have to contend with costly damages to their vehicle. In some rare instances, purse snatchings and vehicle break-ins have also lead to home burglaries.

During the holidays, the number of purse thefts and vehicle break-ins normally increase. Owners sometimes leave vehicles unlocked while shopping or parked at home, providing easy targets for thieves. The following information has been compiled by the SPD to help reduce your risk.

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