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Board of Zoning Appeals

Request for Review

To request a variance, interpretation, or administrative review by the Board of Zoning Appeals, please apply online. The fee is $100.00 for properties inside the city limits. For property outside... read more..


SPD Hiring Process

N.C.I.C. School and N.C.I Training

All dispatchers must complete this required training to be certified to dispatch.... read more..

SPD Hiring Process

Physicians Examination

Each employee must pass a physical examination and a drug screen.... read more..

SPD Hiring Process

Management Interview and File Review

The top candidate(s) chosen from the assessment center will be asked to return for an oral interview with the Chief of Police.... read more..

SPD Employment

Hiring Information and Process

The City of Sevierville Police Department is always seeking ethical, intelligent people to join our department. If you have a good driving record, a personal and professional record showing sound judg... read more..


Police Resources

Accident/Incident Reports Request Form Animals & Pets Citizen Safety Information Domestic Violence Victim's Rights Internet Safety & Education Resources for Parents Residential Safety Tip... read more..


Police Programs

Adult Safety Education Child Safety Seat Inspections Citizen's Poli read more..

Internet Safety

Internet Safety & Education Resources for Parents

The Sevierville Police Department recommends that parents understand the many safety concerns pertaining to use of the internet by their children. When appropriate, parents should discuss these concer... read more..


Prescription Drug Take Back

As a full-time partner with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the City of Sevierville Police Department participates in the DEA’s National Drug Take Back Program. The program provides a valuable outl... read more..

Safety & Prevention

Collision Avoidance Training (CAT)

In an effort to improve the driving abilities and overall safety of younger drivers, the Sevierville Police offers 12-hour Collision Avoidance Training (CAT) seminars. The training is for new drivers ... read more..


Speaking Engagements and Training Sessions

One of our functions is to provide information and training to the community on various topics such as shoplifting prevention, burglary prevention, neighborhood watches, rape aggression defense, home ... read more..

Safety & Prevention


MEDRAY (Emergency Medical Relay System) is a program designed to provide the responding emergency caregiver with essential information in the event the patient is incapacitated or otherwise unable to ... read more..

Safety & Prevention

R.A.D. Rape Aggression Defense

The Sevierville Police Department's Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) Class is a 9- 12 hour course for women. Participants will learn Preventative Techniques, Basic Self Defense, and Ground Defense. Th... read more..


Police Camp for Kids

Each summer, the Sevierville Police Department schedules a Police Camp for Kids. The purpose of Police Camp is to provide the opportunity for young men and women, 12-14 years of age, to learn basic po... read more..

Safety & Prevention

Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program is great for the community and for the department. When established, it helps every citizen take an active role in the safety of their community. We have officers ready ... read more..


Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.)

Our D.A.R.E. program is taught to our 5th and 6th grade students. We feel that D.A.R.E. is an important tool to educate our students on the dangers of drug usage. In conjunction with the school system... read more..


Citizen's Police Academy

The Citizen Police Academy provides the opportunity for citizens to learn basic police skills in a safe, organized and structured environment. Curriculum for the program consists of 30 hours of classr... read more..

Safety & Prevention

Child Safety Seat Inspections

Nationally, over 90% of child car safety seats are improperly installed.  In fact, over 40% of child fatalities in traffic accidents are due to improperly installed child car safety seats. Many c... read more..

Safety Tips

Citizen Safety Information

Vehicle Burglary and Theft Prevention The Sevierville Police Department (SPD) investigates many car break-ins and purse thefts each year. Often these crimes of opportunity could have been prevented b... read more..

Victim & Witness

Victim & Witness Resources

453.5506              Sevierville Police Department429.7021              Se... read more..

Victim & Witness

Domestic Violence Victim's Rights

IF YOU ARE THE VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, you can ask the District Attorney General to file a criminal complaint. You also have the right to go to the court having control over domestic relations an... read more..

Public Building Authority

Meeting Minutes

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Public Building Authority

Historic Zoning Commision

Planning Commission

Board of Mayor & Aldermen

Board of Mayor & Aldermen

Board of Zoning Appeals

Board of Zoning Appeals

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