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Sevierville Police Department is Hiring!

Hiring Information and Process

The City of Sevierville Police Department is always seeking ethical, intelligent people to join our department. If you have a good driving record, a personal and professional record showing sound judgement, a work history free of disciplinary issues, poor attendance and/or discharge; and no history of criminal involvement, the SPD wants YOU! We accept applications for Dispatcher and Police Officer year-round. Submitted applications will be kept on file for six months.

The selection process utilized by the City of Sevierville Police Department is thorough to ensure the best qualified candidates are selected. The following are the components of the selection process which must be completed by every applicant, or time which may be required to be completed by the department. The hiring process is subject to change at any time.

Completing online application 1 hour
Written/Video Examination (Entry Level Officers)     3.5 hours
Physical Agility Test (Officers) 1 hour
Assessment Panel Interview       1 hour
Chief's Interview 1 hour
Sign Condition Offer 30 minutes
Background Investigation 30-45 hours
Medical Examination (Officers & Dispatchers) 1 hour
Psychological Screening (Officers & Dispatchers) 2 hours
Drug Screening 1 hour

The entire process may take a minimum of four weeks to a maximum of six weeks depending on an applicant’s background, the number of applicants in the process, etc. All applicants will be notified by email or phone of all scheduled procedures and examinations. Candidates can discuss their denial of employment at any by contacting the Deputy Chief at (865) 453-5506.

A job description will be posted with any job opening announcements. The successful candidate must be able to meet all of the required skills and abilities.

  • Testing Date

Testing dates, times, and any additional information will be sent via email to applicants that have a current application on file.

  • Initial Examinations

Written/Video Exam-Entry level officer applicants will be required to attend the written/video testing. Information for the testing may be found here:

pdf Frontline Test Information (213 KB)

pdf Frontline National Video Study Guide (259 KB)

  • Physical Agility Testing

The physical agility portion will consist of a series of continuous obstacles that could be routinely encountered while conducting the day to day duties of a police officer. It will test upper body strength, agility, and cardiovascular endurance by completion of the circuit of obstacles within an allotted period of time.

  • Assessment Panel Interview/ Chief’s Interview

The top candidates will be asked to return for an assessment panel interview, consisting of the department command staff, and a Human Resources representative. Following the panel interview, you will meet with the Chief of Police.

  • Offer of Employment

Each person chosen to be hired will be asked to sign a Conditional Offer of Employment Agreement.

  • Background Investigation

Once a conditional offer of employment is signed, a comprehensive background investigation is conducted. Sensitive and confidential aspects of the applicant’s personal lives may be explored.

  • Physical Examination/Psychological Screening/Drug Screening

Potential officers and dispatchers must pass a physical examination and psychological screening. All potential new employees must pass a drug screen.

  • Basic Police Recruit School

Non-certified officer applicants hired by the City of Sevierville Police Department will be considered probationary employees and expected to enroll in the Basic Police Recruit School within six months of employment. The tuition will be at the department’s expense, and the probationary employee will be paid their salary while in attendance at the recruit school. Sevierville Police Department utilizes the Walters State Community College Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy in Greeneville, TN.

  • Officer Field Training Program

Entry level officers must complete a sixteen-week field training program. Previously P.O.S.T. Certified officers must complete an abbreviated field training program, based on previous experience.

  • Dispatch Training

All dispatchers must attend NCIC training in Nashville, TN, and complete a 12-week Dispatch Training Program.

  • Probationary Period

One year from date of hire for Police Officers, Dispatchers and Civilian Positions. This time is used to train and evaluate the candidate to determine if they are suited for law enforcement.

  • Residency Requirements

Sworn officers must reside in an area such that the maximum driving response time to return to the Police Department is 45 minutes, or a 30 mile radius to be issued a take home car.

  • Re-Application Process

All applicants not chosen for a position will be notified either by email or phone of their final standing in the testing/interview process. Applicants not chosen may reapply for future vacancies.

To see full list of positions at the City of Sevierville:

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Barbara Parrish, SPD Administrative Assistant

300 Gary Wade Blvd.
Sevierville, TN 37862
Phone: 865.868.1762

The City of Sevierville is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of any protected class as identified under Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (as amended), the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1974, the Tennessee Human Rights Act, or on any basis protected by law.

The City is a Drug-Free Workplace, and all applicants are subject to a background check, driving history check, and drug testing in accordance with City policy.

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