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Sevierville Police Officers Receive State Awards

Two City of Sevierville Police Officers have received State awards for their accomplishments during 2016. Sevierville Police Department (SPD) Officers Caleb Brien and Thomas Thompson were both recognized by the Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO) for their outstanding work.

 Officer Brien was named the East Tennessee Region Officer of the Year. The THSO Officer of the Year Award is oriented towards highway traffic safety and traffic stop results. According to SPD Patrol Captain Matt Ayers, "Officer Brien is professional, consistent and fair when dealing with the public in all facets, yet especially so with traffic enforcement. He readily and willingly uses available duty time to identify and correct driving behavior problems through traffic stops" and respond appropriately. Officer Brien has proven himself to be an exceptionally adept investigator during traffic stops when drugs and/or alcohol may be involved.

 Officer Thompson received the THSO East Tennessee Region Beyond the Traffic Stop award for demonstrating outstanding decision making during an extremely dangerous traffic stop. "Officer Thompson's keen observation and actions ultimately enabled the safety and security" of the vehicle occupants involved," said Captain Ayers.

 SPD Chief Don Myers praised both officers. "Officers Brien and Thompson demonstrate that enforcing the law, being compassionate and truly caring about our community are attributes that all law enforcement officers should strive to achieve."

Brien 2630

Thompson 2280