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Sevierville Recognized as Tennessee Green Fleet City

Posted August 4, 2017

The Tennessee Clean Fuels (TCF) certified the City of Sevierville as a Tennessee Green Fleet at their third annual Sustainable Transportation Awards and Forum in Nashville earlier this year.

The City of Sevierville operates over two-hundred and fifty pieces of equipment and vehicles from fire trucks to back hoes and all of them are fueled by B-20 bio-diesel or E-10 ethanol. Sevierville was one of six government fleets to be certified in 2017 and only three other cities use B-20.

"The benefits of utilizing these alternative fuels can't be overstated," said Jim Dennison, Sevierville Public Works Fleet Manager. "They are much cleaner and environmentally friendly and bio-diesel also extends the life of engines and decreases maintenance costs." Decreased maintenance also results in less down time for critical vehicles and equipment, meaning more effective and efficient service to our residents.

The Tennessee Green Fleets Certification Program was developed by the East and Middle-West Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalitions to utilize performance-based metrics to analyze fleets' vehicle and fuel-use data and to compare reductions achieved in gasoline-use and carbon emissions, and increases in the number of alternative fuel vehicles or advanced technology vehicles in the fleet to previous years. Fleets are awarded points based on their achievement in these categories.


Photo. Sevierville Public Works Fleet Maintenance Team, left to right: Curt Price, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hulsman, Roy Davis, Alvin Caldwell, David Cope, Jim Dennison.