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Residential Garbage Curbside Collection Guidelines

Posted 11-03-17

The City of Sevierville Solid Waste Department strives to always meet the needs of our residential garbage customers. There are many factors that can affect residential collection, such as equipment breakdowns, utility/road work in a neighborhood, and holidays. When these challenges occur, we may need to collect garbage earlier or later than usual so we recommend that customers place their garbage containers at curbside no later than 6AM on your scheduled collection day, or even the night before collection.

Collection guidelines for residents help garbage truck drivers collect waste efficiently and effectively. The driver is the only person on the automated truck, each route includes up to 800 individual collections, and the route must be completed by the end of the driver’s shift. Below is a list of some collection guidelines that we ask customers to follow.

• Containers must be placed at least three feet away from any other object (i.e. tree, mail-box, another container, etc.). Due to the possibility of damaging your property your container may not be emptied if it is placed too close to another object. Please allow enough room between containers and other objects for the grabber on the automated arm to grab the container.

• Garbage containers should be placed with the handles facing away from the street. This allows garbage to fall out of the container without getting caught in the lid.

• Bag all garbage prior to placing it in the container to eliminate garbage blowing out of the container/truck and littering the street.

• Only garbage INSIDE the approved City container will be collected and the lid on the container must be able to close. If a container is overflowing or garbage is placed on top of the container, garbage may fall-off during collection. If this occurs, it will be the customers’ responsibility to clean the uncollected garbage, and sometimes the container may not be emptied at all.

For additional information, please visit or call 865-429-4567.