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Keep It Out Campaign to Educate Public on Solid Waste

Posted 10-10-18.

As part of a State of Tennessee educational grant, Sevier Solid Waste has launched a “Keep it Out” campaign aimed at educating the public on items that are not allowed in garbage containers.

keep it out ssw campaign


Although the SSW solid waste program utilizes state of the art technology to separate waste, some items cause damage when they go through the tipping floor digesters at the landfill. Carpet, wires, hoses, cables, electronics and demolition materials are not permitted in garbage containers.

Sevierville, along with Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevier County have agreed to participate in the campaign by placing “Keep it Out” decals on dumpsters and curbside garbage cans. Beginning this Friday, October 10, SSW employees will begin attaching decals to curbside garbage cans throughout the City of Sevierville. Placement of decals will generally occur on the same day as garbage collection so that crews have access to cans while they are at curbside.