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Vehicle Stack Lane Added For School Traffic

Posted 08-09-19.

The City of Sevierville has completed work on a vehicle stack lane on Middle Creek Road to help relieve traffic congestion resulting from afternoon school traffic. The stack lane was built next to the southbound lane alongside the Sevier County Health Department WIC, and across from LeConte Medical Center (see attached map).


Parents and caregivers driving to pick-up children from the Sevierville Primary School in the afternoon often have to wait in a long line on Blanton Drive, which can extend onto southbound Middle Creek Road. The stack lane will allow these drivers to wait without causing an extended stoppage of traffic on westbound Blanton Drive and southbound Middle Creek Road.

Drivers waiting in the stack lane to turn onto Blanton Drive should yield to vehicles already in the regular Middle Creek Road travel lanes.

It is important that Middle Creek Road is unimpeded by stopped traffic so that ambulances and other emergency vehicles can more readily enter and leave LeConte Medical Center. If the stack lane is full, drivers should keep circling until they’re able to get into the stack lane.

Sevierville Police Department officers will be in the area to educate drivers and assist with the new waiting procedure. Vehicles attempting to wait in the regular travel lanes on Middle Creek Road and Blanton Drive will be required to move through the area.