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Section IV - Arbitration Board

  1. An arbitration board made up of the Recreation Supervisor or Director of Recreation, and two umpires will settle all disputes such as eligibility, misinterpretation of the rules, etc. arising from a softball game. The decision of this board is final.
  2. If a game is protested on eligibility, the Department of Parks and Recreation’s file of field roster will be the determining factor. In case of misinterpretation of the rules, the rulebook will be used other than in cases where a local rule supersedes the book.
  3. Any manager has the right to protest an interpretation of the rules provided that the protest is made ORALLY to the umpire-in-chief before the next official pitch takes place. When a protest takes place the umpire-in-chief will consult with the other umpire. If the umpire-in-chief is convinced the decision is not in conflict with the rules, he/she shall announce that the game is being played under protest. The protesting manager or coach shall then do a written report of the protest and get it to the Recreation Supervisor within twenty-four (24) hours and post a two hundred ($200) dollar protest fee. If the protest is upheld, the fee will be returned, but if the protest is not upheld the fee will not be returned. Upon receipt of the written request and protest fee, the Recreation Supervisor will determine the validity of the protest. If in his judgment the protest is made on a misinterpretation of the rules, he will turn the protest over to the protest committee.
  4. All protest must be accompanied by a protest fee of two hundred ($200) dollars.

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