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Cyberbullying - Online Training Available

One in four teens has experienced cyberbullying, according to the latest research, and one in six teens admits to cyberbullying others. Many studies point to a strong link between bullying and suicide. Parents, teachers, and students need to recognize the dangers of bullying and learn how to help students who are most at risk.

NW3C and the Safe Surfin' Foundation, along with support from the Leon Lowenstein Foundation, have partnered to produce a new interactive online training designed to help educators and parents constructively address this serious problem facing young people today.

"Cyberbullying: Our Children, Our Problem," a 30- to 45-minute interactive training program, will serve as a resource for parents, teens, educators and law enforcement. This training addresses ways to cope with and respond to cyberbullying, including effective strategies for empathy, communication, conflict resolution and incident reporting.

For more information about this training, or to take the course, go to


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