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City of Sevierville Co-Ed Team Responsiblities

The purpose of the Sevierville Co-Ed volleyball league is to provide recreation and fellowship, to promote sportsmanship, and to continually strive to improve the caliber of play of all members and teams in this league.

  1. Be on time for all matches. Game time is forfeit for the first game of the match. If the team is not ready to play within ten minutes after scheduled starting time then the second game is forfeited. Third game will be forfeited after twenty minutes.
  2. All coaches, players, and team followers are expected to act with sportsmanship in mind. The coach is responsible for his/her team’s conduct. Anyone who is acting in an unsportsmanlike manner towards the official, a player, a coach or any staff member of the Recreation Department will be asked to leave the facility. Any one who is asked to leave will be automatically suspended for the next match. If someone is asked to leave a second time they will be suspended for the remainder of the season. The Athletic Manager may suspend players or teams from league play if necessary.
  3. Players must wear non-marking shoes.
  4. No casts, braces, etc. may be worn on players’ hands or forearm. All jewelry MUST be removed before playing.
  5. Prior to the match there will be a coin toss to see who serves first. The team that serves first in the first game will serve first in the third game also. The other team will serve first in the second game.
  6. All participants must be at least sixteen years. Participants who are under eighteen must have a parent or guardian sign for them. Participants cannot play for two different teams at any time in the same league. Participating in live ball situations is considered to have played. Eligibility protest must be made in writing to the league director within the next working day following the game in question with a $25 protest fee.
  7. Participates are allowed to change teams until the second game of the regular season. They must go through the Athletic Manager or league supervisor to do this. Teams are allowed to add players to the roster any time during the regular season. No players may be added following the last regular season match, prior to or during league tournament. Must play in 2 matches to be eligible for the post season tournament.
  8. There will be no strollers allowed in the court area due to limited space in the gym. No children 8 years of age or younger can be left unattended in any area of the Sevierville Parks and Recreation Department.
  9. All teams are encouraged to acquire a line judge for each match. However, there will be no penalty for not having a line judge.

Contact Us

Christopher Betta
Athletics Recreation Supervisor

120 Gary Wade Blvd.
Sevierville, TN 37862
Office: 865-453-6946


The Parks and Recreation Department will make every effort to accommodate anyone desiring access to any facility including ADA Approved Listening Devices. For accessability assistance, please call 865-453-5441.


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