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Retail Package Store Application

The application period has closed. Applications are under review for qualifying criteria.

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Map of Retail Package Store Zones


The application period has closed.


Retail stores that desire to obtain a “Retail Package Store License” issued by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) must first obtain a “City of Sevierville Certificate of Compliance” which is required by Tennessee Code Annotated § 57-3-208.  Applicants for this Certificate of Compliance should review the following instructions and procedures:

  1. A Certificate of Compliance shall be issued solely to the applicant, whether a person, firm, corporation, joint-stock company, syndicate, or association.
  1. An application for a certificate of compliance must be completed on behalf of all of the owner(s) of the applicant. Part One of the application must identify every person having an interest, direct or indirect, in the retail package store as an owner, partner, stockholder, or otherwise. In the event that a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or other legally recognized entity is an applicant or member of the applicant group, each person with an interest must be disclosed and must provide the information on the application provided by the City.
  1. Part Two of the application should be filled out by all individuals identified in Part One and all are required to obtain a criminal background check, described below.
  1. Upon submission of the application, the applicant must provide the City with a copy of a background check for each applicant or member of the applicant group using a multistate criminal records locator or other, similar commercial nationwide database with validation. The background check must cover a ten-year period immediately preceding the date of the application. Said background check shall be completed within 30 days preceding the applicant’s application for a certificate. Be sure to select the Nationwide option.
  1. A certificate of compliance is valid only for the applicant or applicant group and cannot be transferred or sold to another person or group.
  1. Before an applicant’s application for certificate will be authorized, the completed application must include the following:
    1. Part One and Part Two of the Application for Certificate of Compliance completed, signed by the applicant(s), and notarized.
    2. A certified copy of a nationwide background check for each individual listed on the application as being the applicant or member of the applicant group.
    3. An electronic copy of a site plan showing the following: the shape, size, and location of the lot which the retail package store is to be operated; the shape, size, height, and location of all buildings; and the off-street parking space and off-street loading and unloading space to be provided including the vehicular access to be provided from these areas to a public street.
    4. A floor plan indicating the square footage of the proposed store and areas to be used for retail sales and storage, ingress/egress locations, and location of windows.
    5. In lieu of providing copies of information provided to TABC, the applicant shall provide the following information in the initial application:
            • Proof of right to possess of the premises.
            • Government-issued ID, as required, by each owner regardless of percentage ownership.

The following information must be submitted prior to January 15, 2024:

            • Personal financial statement for each owner.
            • Credit check for each owner.
            • Previous two (2) years of tax returns for each owner.
            • Previous three (3) months of bank statements for each owner.

f. In order to determine if the location is appropriately zoned, please ensure the address and/or map, group and parcel number provided is the physical address of the establishment.

  1. A fifteen hundred ($1,500.00) dollar non-refundable fee per application must be paid when invoiced.
  1. The application period has closed.

For questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



This map is for reference purposes only. The sole purpose is to assist in the determination of which zone an application is being submitted for and is not a representation of eligible properties.

Map of Retail Package Store Zones