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Which Streets Are Cleared First?

We treat our roads according to its predetermined priority. The priority that a street receives is based on several factors:
1. Amount of Traffic
2. Routes with State or National Significance
3. Access to Essential Services

Primary Routes are as follows:

◾ State Route 66 (Winfield Dunn Pkwy)
◾ State Route 71 (US Hwy 441, Parkway, and Forks of the River Pkwy)
◾ State Route 448 (North Parkway)
◾ State Route 35 (US Hwy 411/441, Main Street/Dolly Parton Pkwy/Chapman Hwy)
◾ State Route 449 (Veterans Blvd)
◾ State Route 416 (Pittman Center Road/Old Newport Hwy)
◾ State Route 139 (Douglas Dam Road)
◾ State Route 338 (Douglas Dam Road/Boyd’s Creek Road)
◾ Collier Drive
◾ Park Road
◾ Middle Creek Road (the section nearest the hospital)
◾ Robert Henderson Road and Catlett Road (access to the Public Works Department)
◾ Gary Wade Boulevard
◾ Bruce Street
◾ Prince Street (Fire Hall section)

Secondary Routes have also been established; they are as follows:
◾ East and West Dumplin Valley Roads
◾ East and West Mount Roads
◾ Alder Branch Road
◾ Old Knoxville Hwy
◾ Gists Creek Rd
◾ Royal Heights Dr (entrance)
◾ Love Rd
◾ Hardin Ln
◾ Maggie Mack (hill)
◾ Burridge Rd (hill)
◾ Court Ave
◾ Hicks Dr
◾ Murphy/Mayors Dr
◾ Kingfisher Rd
◾ Smithwood Rd
◾ Cate Rd/Lewelling Rd
◾ New Era Rd
◾ Apple Valley Rd
◾ Ridge Road
◾ East Ridge Rd
◾ Middle Creek Rd (remainder)
◾ Middle Ridge Rd (hill)
◾ Eastgate Rd
◾ High Street
◾ Crofford St/Broad Ave (hill)
◾ Prince St/Railroad St
◾ Henderson Ave
◾ Burden Hill Rd/London Ln
◾ Blanton Dr
◾ Robert Henderson Rd
◾ Ernest McMahan Rd/Pullen Rd
◾ Old Newport Hwy
◾ Industrial Park Dr
◾ Snapp Rd


The City does not treat private streets, commercial driveways, or other privately-owned travel ways.

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