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Sales Tax Holiday

The TN Dept of Revenue has issued a 2022 sales tax holiday for food and food ingredients starting at 12:01 am on Monday, August 1, 2022 and ending at August 31, 2022  at 11:59 pm. This sales tax holiday does not apply to Hospitality Tax. For more information please visit

What is hospitality tax?

Tourism is the main economic driver for Sevierville and Sevier County. For many years, the City of Sevierville has strived to increase tourism investment. In order to effectively grow this vitally important industry, the City invests considerable resources in tourist-related efforts. The hospitality taxes consist of three separate taxes: a 2% restaurant tax, a 2% amusement tax and a 3% lodging tax. By ordinance, two-thirds of the projected revenue resulting from these taxes is earmarked for tourism advertising and tourism-related infrastructure expenditures.