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Animals & Pets

What about squirrels, skunks, and opossums and like animals?

The Department does not control wild animals. If left alone, most wild animals will soon leave on their own. If you are having a constant problem with wild animals, first check to see if there may be ... read more..

Animals & Pets

What happens to those animals that are caught by the department?

All domestic animals are taken to the Sevier Animal Care Center. For information about Sevier Animal Care Center and how you can adopt an animal, please call 865-465-6300 or visit sevieranimalcarecent... read more..

Solid Waste

Roll-Off Rental

Remodeling or Doing Major Spring Cleaning Inside the City Limits of Sevierville? Why not rent a container to throw construction materials or debris in? The City now has fourteen foot roll-off contain... read more..


Yard Waste and Bulk Rubbish/Junk Guidelines

Your residential and commercial garbage collection fee includes the collection of wastes resulting from the normal and routine maintenance of your yard as well as bulk rubbish/junk you accumulate from... read more..

Solid Waste

Commericial Dumpster Service

Commercial businesses who have contracted with the City of Sevierville for commercial dumpster service receive the following services at no additional cost: Brush Collection – Generally occurs... read more..


Fleet Maintenance

The Fleet Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department provides a full line of service and repairs for all the City’s vehicles and fuel powered equipment. Services include oil changes, transmis... read more..

Solid Waste

Solid Waste

The Solid Waste Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for collecting and disposing of commercial and residential garbage. We offer twice a month collection of bulk/junk items; once a ... read more..

Traffic Control

Traffic Control

The Traffic Control Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for all types of traffic control devices used on the streets of Sevierville. This includes signs (manufacturing, installation... read more..



The Street Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining City streets, bridges and Right of Ways. By doing this we patch potholes, make full-depth asphalt repairs, pick up lit... read more..



The Engineering Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for the survey and design of minor city projects; Oversight and inspection of major city projects; Assist the Sevierville FEMA fl... read more..

Planning & Development

Electronic Plans Submittal

Please use the link below to submit site plans, building plans, subdivisions, or rezoning requests. Items to be considered for action by the Sevierville Planning Commission must be submitted o... read more..

Code Enforcement

Electronic Plans Submittal

Please use the link below to submit site plans, building plans, subdivisions, or rezoning requests. Items to be considered for action by the Sevierville Planning Commission must be submit... read more..



Sevier County Electric System 315 East Main Street Phone: 865.453.2887 Sevier County Utility District (Natural Gas) 420 Robert Henderson Rd. Phone: 865.453.3272 Sevierville Water Department 120 Gary... read more..


County Services

Sevier County Board of Education 226 Cedar Street Phone: 865.453.4671 Sevier County Highway DepartmentMaintenance Garage and Quarry 139 County Garage Road Sevierville, TN 37876 865.453.8093 Voice 865... read more..

Animals & Pets

Animal Control Ordinance

1. Identification and Vaccination + SECTION 10-101. Identification of dogs. 10-102. Identification of cats. 10-103. Vaccination. 10-104. Penalties. 10-101. Identificati read more..

Animals & Pets

What do I do about stray animals?

If you encounter a stray animal in the City of Sevierville, please call the Police Department immediately at 865-453-5506. The SPD Animal Control Officer can assist with collection of most domestic an... read more..

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