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City of Sevierville Convention Center Fitness & Aerobics Fire Department Golf Police Department Public Works Water & Sewer Sevierville Parks & Recreation read more..

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Police Department read more..


Job Openings

Sevierville, Tennessee is the largest City and the County Seat of Sevier County, TN and located approximately 30 miles Southeast of downtown Knoxville and 10 miles from the most visited national par read more..


Sevierville Job Openings

Sevierville, Tennessee is the largest City and the County Seat of Sevier County, TN and located approximately 30 miles Southeast of downtown Knoxville and 10 miles from the most visited national par read more..


Insurance, Retirement and Benefits

The City of Sevierville offers a benefits package to their full time employees. These benefits include paid medical and dental insurance, life insurance, short-term disability, and paid holidays. Upon... read more..


Equal Opportunity Employer

The City of Sevierville considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran status, sexual orientation, ... read more..


Beer Tax

$100 annually - Beer Privilege Tax comes from every person, firm, corporation, joint stock company, syndicate or association in the City of Sevierville who stores, sells, distributes or manufactu read more..


Hospitality Tax

Hospitality Tax Information Lodging Tax – (3%) This tax is 3% of the monthly net taxable proceeds from any hotel, motel, cabin, etc., or that which is occupied by transients for a period of less than... read more..


Business Tax

The City of Sevierville is authorized to collect a tax on the privilege of conducting a business within the city limits. Any business owner subject to the tax must register with the city, pay the appr... read more..


Sales Tax

(9.75%) Sales tax revenue is broken-down and disbursed as follows: 7% to the State of Tennessee 1.50% to the Sevier County School System 1.25% to City of Sevierville read more..


Property Tax

$0.4254 cents/one-hundred dollars of assessed value – Property tax is a tax on certain kinds of wealth: real and personal property. The tax rate is applied to an assessment of the value of the taxable read more..

Hospitality Tax


What is hospitality tax? + Tourism is the main economic driver for Sevierville and Sevier County. For many years, the City of Sevierville has strived to increase tourism read more..

Hospitality Tax

Why must I file the return online?

Like many governments and public utilities, including the State of Tennessee, the City is transitioning to more automated systems to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. ... read more..

Hospitality Tax

Do I have to file a tax return if I had no taxable sales in a particular month?

Yes. A tax return must be remitted, even if there are no sales or business.... read more..

Hospitality Tax

Does the tax reduce my business earnings?

No, all three types of hospitality tax are similar to the state sales tax in that they are a pass through to the customer. The taxes should be displayed on the receipt as a separate tax, collected f... read more..

Hospitality Tax

If my business has to remit more than one type of tax, do I have to file a separate form for each type?

Yes. Your business will be set up with the required services to file and choose from. If you feel these services are not set up correctly when you log in to view your account and information, please c... read more..

Hospitality Tax

If I own more than one business that is required to remit taxes, do I have to send a separate check for each location?

No. This is at the tax payer’s discretion. All payment amounts must be equal to the total amount due for a particular taxpayer, and need to equal the total amount for all forms being submitted for pay... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What should I do if I started charging the tax sometime after July 1st?

The restaurant tax and amusement tax were imposed on all taxable sales beginning July 1, 2013. The tax is due to the city for all taxable sales on and after that date regardless whether or not collect... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What happens if I fail to make the required tax payment?

Refusal of an operator to collect or remit the tax or willful refusal of a purchaser to pay the tax imposed is hereby declared to be unlawful and shall be punishable upon conviction by a fine not in e... read more..

Hospitality Tax

How long do I need to keep my records?

All businesses liable for the collection and payment of these taxes must keep and preserve all records substantiating these tax payments for a minimum of three (3) years. The City Recorder will have t... read more..

Hospitality Tax

Where do I send my tax payment?

Please remit your tax payment to: City of Sevierville Taxes PO Box 5500 Sevierville, TN 37864-5500... read more..

Hospitality Tax

Hospitality Tax

What happens if my payment is received after the 20th day of the month?

Postmarks will be given consideration when payments are mailed in through the USPS. The city reserves the right to follow up if it is unclear if an on-time payment was attempted on behalf of the taxpa... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What happens if my tax form is submitted after the 20th of the month?

All forms submitted after the 20th of the month are considered delinquent and will be subject to applicable penalty and interest, as found in each of the laws which are located on the city website ww... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What sales are exempt from the lodging tax?

Any lodging stays booked for more than 30 days at one time; any overnights sales which are purchased by those organizations having a valid certificate of exemption by the Tennessee Department of Reven... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What sales are subject to the lodging tax?

Lodging entities (hotels, inns, resorts, cabins, motels, campgrounds, tourist camps, etc.) located within the city limits which provide overnight occupancy to persons or transients for accommodations ... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What sales are exempt from the amusement tax?

Play on coin operated machines of skill or chance are exempt from the provisions of this tax, as well as charitable organizations, educational institutions, or religious organizations. For a more deta... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What sales are subject to the amusement tax?

The amusement tax should be collected by any theater, athletic contest, exhibition, show, production, performance, concert, recital, circus, carnival, act, exhibit, lecture, nightclub, dance, restaura... read more..

Hospitality Tax

What sales are exempt from the restaurant tax?

Restaurant Privilege Tax Section 5-904 Exemptions- The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to food prepared to be served at churches, schools, senior citizens centers, or nursing homes, and at ... read more..

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